+ Who is Our Client??

Our clients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have an established and positive nationwide reputation
  2. Have the infrastructure to support hundreds of our sales and marketing reps

  3. Offer competitive pricing and exclusive promotions for our team

  4. Have the best products and services in the market

Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to publicly disclose our clients' names. Candidates who are selected for a preliminary interview learn about our current clients and campaign assignments.

+ What Kind of Sales Do We Do?

At this time, we have one campaign for our client and it is a B2C campaign. What makes our B2C program unique is that we are provided leads by our client so we are promoting and selling directly to qualified customers and not wasting time speaking to existing customers. This program offers the opportunity to develop and grow with the company long term.

+ Compensation for Entry-Level?

The great thing about professional sales is that it’s based on a performance structure – this allows entry-level candidates to earn more than their resume and experience might qualify them for. Compensation structures change as an individual advances; resulting in higher commissions, salary options and profit sharing.

+ What's Our Company Culture?

  1. Team Nights
    • We like to get to know eachother outside of the office setting. Every Thursday we get together for some R&R, whether it's bowling, pizza night as someone house, laser tag, or checking out a new restaurant, we enjoy letting loose with our teammates!
  2. Fundraisers
    • Here at Corporate Concepts we believe in giving back. We like to help our local and national chartities, whenever possible. We recently did a kickball eating contest to raise money for Operation Smiles and voluteer regularly with the Honor Flight Network.
  3. Travel Opportunities
    • Like to Travel? Tell us about it. We offer travel opportunities all across the country: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Tennessee and also Locally.